Carsilius Media is a digital media and commerce agency founded in 2020. We create and operate websites and other channels.

Our Brands & Channels

Launched in 2020, The Quiz Channel is a YouTube channel that's all about entertaining and educational quiz videos. The Quiz Channel is on a mission to become the best and biggest YouTube channel in the quiz niche.

The Quiz Channel on YouTube
The Quiz Channel website
Launched in 2022, The Quiz Show is a YouTube channel for fun quizzes, games and puzzles. Where The Quiz Channel focuses more on serious quizzers, The Quiz Show is more about fun, using lighter content and more multiple choice for example.

The Quiz Show on YouTube
About Carsilius Media
Our core business is creating and operating websites and other media channels in niches where we identify an opportunity to add value to consumers, advertisers, affiliates and/or other stakeholders.

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